Emmanuel Onwubiko Politics and Election in NigeriaEmmanuel Onwubiko offered a screenshot of the hate speech that prevailed in the Nigerian blogosphere during the elections. It is unfortunate that popular platforms of social media such as facebook, twitter, and instagram, among others, have become powerful weapons for attacks.

Almost diabolical against the political adversaries when Nigeria prepares for a general election more disputed in more than a decade or even since Nigeria gained its formal independence from british rule. The general elections have become the scene of hate speech and campaigns.

With a tint that defies logic and common sense. There have been a number of politically motivated hate speeches against several candidates, and in particular against the two main presidential candidates, the representatives of the parties and the Popular Democratic Party.

Sure that if experts collected analyses of social media content this year, Nigeria would be at the top because undoubtedly more than millions of Nigerians who have graduated and no means of subsistence have found solace in the various social media platforms and are busy spreading divergent messages.

Nigerian social media and Emmanuel Onwubiko

However, the truth is that the Nigerian social media ecosystem has undergone major transformations over the years. Whether they evolve into a platform that drives or impedes change is a story for another day. What is obvious is that in the future, no Nigerian politician can run for president.

Nigerian social media and Emmanuel Onwubiko

Without depening his presence or participation in social media and six percent of the people interviewed said they had been attacked or threatened at least once during the reporting period. The risks to the safety and work of human rights defenders are further exacerbated in the current.

Electoral context attacks on community and Indigenous leaders have been documented for their political commitment. This is another worrying trend, as it is in a crucial electoral process and attacks on Human Rights Defenders question the credibility of the process.

Three political candidates and two people with declared intentions of running have been killed. Judges, judges, judges and judges working independently and prosecutors have faced attacks, threats, reprisals and stigmatization, in particular because of their involvement in investigations.

Fight against corruption by Emmanuel Onwubiko

Related to corruption or transitional justice. Endemic corruption, insecurity of land tenure, and institutional weaknesses are some of the elements that hinder the structural changes needed to address the situation. Despite its efforts in several areas in recent months.

Fight against corruption by Emmanuel Onwubiko

Setbacks have been noted, including the closing of spaces for the Coordination of protection measures and the continued promotion of a regressive legislative agenda in key human rights areas. The report recommends the strengthening of measures of prevention, protection.

Investigation and prosecution of the crimes committed against human rights defenders. More political will was needed, as well as civic education and awareness-raising campaigns on the importance of human rights advocacy for democracy and the rule of law.

The adoption of a public policy for the protection of human rights defenders, which has already been initiated by the it would be an important step towards the recognition of the legitimacy of the defense of human rights and the development of a comprehensive response to the situation of risk faced by women human rights defenders and human rights defenders.


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