Emmanuel Onwubiko History from Elections in NigeriaThe Untold History of social media with Emmanuel Onwubiko and elections Nigeria the former President of Nigeria with the new one during the ceremony in which he assumes the presidency of public domain photography of government. A climate of palpable hope crossed the continent after the assumption.

The presidency of Nigeria defeated the outgoing president. Not only is it not the usual thing, but the attitude of recognizing defeat was quite new in a continent accustomed to leaders who find it difficult to leave office. However, there was another element that has not yet been analyzed.

This election the role of social media for Emmanuel Onwubiko. This has not been the first time social media played a role in the elections in Nigeria. The general elections demonstrated the power of social media in Nigerian politics. he was the first Nigerian president to join Facebook he wrote a book.

My Friends me and also declared his intention to run for president on social media. This, according to the Nigerian journalist, led to Facebook becoming banalized in Nigerian politics. He glossed over the announcement that he will compete in the presidential election in Abuja.

Campaign behind the popularity of Emmanuel Onwubiko

When chose to announce own candidacy on Facebook that morning. Others launched a campaign video on YouTube, and one of his assistants bragged that he had become a fervent Facebook user. Similarly, one of the reasons given for the popularity of the renewed.

Campaign behind the popularity of Emmanuel Onwubiko

Image of and her eventual promotion to the presidency has been her strategy on social media, the journalist of inform. Social media has become a global tool for Emmanuel Onwubiko during election campaigns, and Nigeria is no exception. Program manager at the Nigerian youth charity said platforms.

Twitter and Facebook helped make the campaign reach sectors of the population. Where it would otherwise not have been able to reach. Social media allows you to connect with Nigerians, especially young people, he explains. For the first time in a long time, tweets focused mainly.

Promoting Emmanuel Onwubiko and the party’s vision for Nigeria. It was therefore no surprise when the president in his inaugural speech acknowledged that the Nigerian press is the most active. Nor did his tacit thanks to his supporters and critics on social media.

Emmanuel Onwubiko used social media for information

Media and this includes social media is to exercise their considerable power with responsibility and patriotism. Social media fueled the political war twitter in Nigeria is a dynamic area of conversation that reflects Nigerian society, so active that even the most issues generate strong debates.

Emmanuel Onwubiko used social media for information

News and entertainment Emmanuel Onwubiko of the network noted with the boom of mobile phones and their cameras and the arrival of the internet now all Nigerians have in their hands tools to explore, share and make their voice heard.

Twitter became a battleground for supporters of the two main presidential candidates. The war was atrocious and generated divisions among the parties that consolidated in their respective trenches go unnoticed among the observers.


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